Beauty of Tracy Arm

Glacier Caving
There’s a place in Southeast Alaska that I love to sail threw every week, Tracy Arm is the name. It’s a magical wonderland with waterfalls; giant coastal mountains that hit the shore come to life in the fjord, seals seek shelter on the icebergs from the predators of the ocean & the only entrance to this unspoiled wonderland is by boat. John Muir was more impressed by the waterfalls & the natural beauty of the fjord than Glacier Bay National Park.  I had the privilege yesterday to take a crew Zodiac ride out to see the South Sawyer Glacier. It was amazing to be out in the natural beauty of the fjord that has a magical aura to it. Over three dozen waterfalls grace the fjord with its numerous inlets, cliffs covered with trees & the wildflowers that are in bloom for the season. I’m blessed to say that the beauty of the place always brightens my spirits & gives me the raw natural mystical vibe that I crave while in Southeast. Tracy Arm is truly an amazing place to see!

Reflection of Guest in a Zodiac
Seal Swimming in the Ice

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