Soup 'r Us...

Cup of Soup 'n Bread
Today when I was at the Maine Mall of all places, I noticed how built up it has become with more name brand stores from Macy's, Apple, Gap, Pottery Barn & Starbucks. There's even a JCrew, Lush, Banan Republic, Aveda to name a few of the new finds with Newbury Comics too. However, the food court is ever, better since I was a kid with getting fresh sushi in it these days & it's actually clean. Yes, clean. Shocking, right. I stumbled into a local find there actually today. Kamasouptra is a local soup cafe from Portland that offers vegetarian & vegan friendly soups.  The price is right with starting at around $3.95 for a small bowl, the same as if you would pay at Whole Foods on Marginal Way. A good hearty bowl of soup with fresh bread too.  I found out that you can actually mix your soups together too. I tried the curry lentil one that was quite delicious. I would recommend checking this place out. It's a good find. Eat local!

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