Buenos Aires to Patagonia

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Buenos Aires is considered to be “the Paris of South America”. It’s the second largest city after San Paulo.  It’s big, let me tell you. The majority of the people (portenos) have European roots with Italian & Spanish being the largest followed by Irish, Polish, Arab, German, French, Armenian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Croatian & British.  As you can see, it’s very European focus with its roots. The Jewish community is the largest in Latin America & the second largest in the Americas & you can also see the Japanese, Chinese & Korean communities as well. It’s a well diversified rich city. As with most of Latin America it does have a very rich Roman Catholic history as well.  Argentina of course was a Spanish colony. Historically Buenos Aires has been Argentina’s liberal & free trade city. The city is famous for introducing the Tango to the world, has the busiest live theater industry in Latin America, is a very important fashion capital, nightclubs, cinemas & orchestra to name a few of the arts. Rich in the arts, oh don’t I love hearing & seeing that. The architecture is very eclectic in nature with styles from Barcelona, Paris & Madrid. There’s a mixture of sure by the immigration of Colonial, Art Deco, Art Nouveau & Neo-Gothic & French Bourbon styles. How can you not know about the history of Buenos Aires from the musical Evita about the life of Eva Peron, too? 
The city does sound like me in a way, but I don’t have enough time to explore it.  I did love Lima & wished that I had more time to explore it as well. Peru is magical for sure. Argentina is just as great. There’s something about the people of Latin America that are very genuine with their spirit of hostility that it reminds you of being back in Europe.
After an eight hour or so flight from Miami I found myself not relaxing in the way that one would traditionally do after being jet lagged.  I found myself some how at the Casear Park Hotel in the Recoleta district.  It’s a charming hotel.  However, my afternoon was packed full with a tour of all the major districts.  I did find out that the city is itself the capital of Argentina, but also it has twenty-three providences that make up the city.  It’s really an independent in a way, much in the same sense that Washington, D.C. is to people from the States. The Recoleta district is a very wealthy district. There’s mansions around the corner that once belonged to wealthy families today’s they are the Hyatt and Papal Embassy to name a few. The city was once home to the cattle, meat & grain industry that back in the 1820’s it was a city of priest of silent monks.  I did visit the famous cemetery that is home to Evita’s family grave in Recoleta.  It was beautiful with heaps of French & Italian influences. It really reminded me of being back in Europe.
Buenos Aires name comes from the virgin saint of lady of good air. Something about the ledged has it that the virgin blew wind safely into port.  Also, I learned that the city was flat when the Spanish arrived with not much vegetation in terms of trees. The silent monks and Spanish planted trees, like the fig & eucalyptus. There’s a plant called ombu that is not a tree at all, but this plant does look like one. Plaza de Mayo has a historical importance to the city in terms of the foundation of the city. From there I went into the Cathedral Metropolitan  & got to see the Pink House, the home of the Argentina President.  The left balconies were significant during Evita’s time & today the president commutes to work by helicopter.  I concluded my journey on Caminito Street that is famous for introducing Tango to the world & traditionally it was an immigrant neighborhood. The buildings are different colors due to the left over paint from the boats that were in dock.  It had a very bohemian vibe to it & I quite enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed walking along the streets looking at the different artisans. I will have to admit that I’ve seen a lot of the city in a short period of time. I would have enjoyed visiting the many art museums & taking the subway too. I couldn’t believe how big it is. I did find out if that you went to university at a state funded school you do not have to pay, it’s free.  Over all Buenos Aires has a lot to offer & you can’t possibly see it all in one day.
I must get some rest cos I didn’t really sleep too well on the plane from Miami.  Tomorrow, I’m off to Ushuaia to the southernmost city in the world to catch the Explorer before it set sails for Antarctica from Cape Horn in Tierra del Fuego.
Beagle Channel
Start or Finish to the Pan America System of Roads
I did have quite the rested sleep while I was at the Caesar Park Hotel & I didn’t want to wake up to be honest.  The beds were very comfortable. I woke up at the crack of dawn to go down to Patagonia via plane. I flew into Ushuaia; it was about three and a half hours from Buenos Aires. Yes, Patagonia is the name of the southern most regions of Chile & Argentina not the famous clothing company from California.  I do love their stuff, but I was fascinating to actually visit the region.  It’s very beautiful with the Andes & the Beagle Channel that surrounds the region. I found out that the Pan American System of Roads either begins or starts in Lapataia & goes all the way far up to Fairbanks, Alaska. The majority of people traveling on the road are Europeans & travel either by automobile, motorbike or bicycle.   I enjoyed my adventure on the road today traveling threw the national park before embarking a catamaran for lunch & scenic cruise in the Beagle Channel. The cruise was very nice.  I enjoyed it before embarking onto the Explore to being my journey this evening sailing through the Drake’s Passage.  The passage is famous for its unpredictable weather & sea conditions where there is no landmass to stop or alter the weather systems going around the southern part of the southern hemisphere. The adventure will begin soon to Antarctica. This should be a good one. I’m already at home on the boat & there’s known telling on whom I will talk their ear off…

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