An October Storm

As a granddaughter of a sea captain, I love chasing a good storm! Soaking in the beauty of the surf and the salty air blowing threw my veins for a morning walk on the beach. Pure bliss!

Look at the sun shining bright behind the storm clouds! I just love this one from my Yogi Tea, “Spread the light; be the lighthouse.” We are in a time of great changes on the planet! All is required is for you to stand and own your power and be the light from within and let that shine! Time to go after those dreams and live in your high heart!

I wish that I knew how to surf or in a Zodiac! The waves were incredible! Quite the energy out there! “That it’s the ocean flowing in our veins. That it’s the salt that’s in our tears” ~Phish

There’s a crack between the two words...the important thing to know is how to get to the crack between the two words and live from there...I can’t remember how the lyric goes on the new Mickey Hart album. Sweet soul music talking about the path.

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