Nature Doesn't

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu

Waiting for the chairlift and I noticed an amazing act of kindness. The chairlift operator who is known for the bubbles, just happen to give his bubble wand to the girl in front of me. It made me smile. Such a joy to see the bubbles tho! Got to have some fun while you work.

Just north of Sugarloaf enroute to the Canadian Border you’ll pass by Flagstaff Lake, one of Maine’s largest. What you’ll probably won’t know, is that it was flooded by a dam many years ago and whipped our the village of Flagstaff in the 1950’s leaving all of its residence to leave and all of its business to vanish into thin air. The lake is in the Bigelow Preserve with the Dead River running threw it and a Ghost Town at the bottom of the lake.

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