Faith in Receiving the Cash

Lately, with how everything has been working out lately, I really need to to hear this one, in many ways. I love the reminders from friends to keep following my dreams, that keeps me going. Got to stay strong and continue to walk the path that I do cos it's unique to me, not anyone else!

"Faith and Money

Sometimes, there is not enough money to make ends meet, much less afford any luxuries.

People may tell us to do a budget, and we chuckle. The expense we need to pay for survival surpass the income.

We loot at the situation, shake our heads, and say, "No way."

Many of us have had to live through these situations. This is not the time to panic; this is not the time to despair.

Panic and desperation will lead to bad judgment and desperate moves. This is the time to substitute faith for fear. This is the time to trust God to meet our needs.

Take life one day and one need at a time. Use your survival skills positively. Know your possibilities are not limited by the past or by your present circumstances.

Examine any blocks that might be stopping the flow of money in your life. Do you have an attitude an issue, a lesson that might be yours to change or learn?

Maybe the lesson is a simple on of faith. In Biblical times, it is said that Jesus walked on water. It is said His followers could, too, but the moment they let fear take over, they sank.

During financial hard times, we can learn to "walk on water" with money issues. If we make our budget, and there's not enough money to survive and pay legitimate expenses, do your best, then let go. Trust your Source to supply your needs. If an emergency arises, and there is no cash to meet the need, look beyond your wallet. Look to your source. Claim a Divine supply, an unlimited supply, for al that you need.

Do your part. Strive for an attitude of financial responsibility in thought and action. Ask for Divine Wisdom. Listen to God's leading. Then let go of your fears and your need to control.

We know that money is a necessary part of being alive and living; so does our Higher Power.

God, bring any blocks and barriers within me concerning money to the surface. Help me take care of myself financially. If money is tight, I will dispel fear and learn to "walk on water" concerning finance issues. I will not use this attitude to justify irresponsibility. I will do my part, including letting go of fear and trusting you to to do the rest."
~Melody Beattie

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