Cracked Open

"△ Cracked Open △⠀
Rock bottom. Surrender to the alchemy of life.
Don’t let the weight and density of the world squash your tender spirit. Instead, let it call even more of it home. Into your body. At the center front of your life. It’s through the extreme pressure of life’s trials that diamonds are cultivated. It’s when things are at their darkest that we cultivate proper faith and our light is ignited. It’s through the crumbling that we can allow our wounds to be alchemized. Let your pain, sorrow, and losses make you not break you. Let life alchemize your tragedies into gold. 
Be open to being cracked open. Wide open. It’s the difficult times that help us grow in leaps and bounds, and in ways we could only dream were possible. But first, they have to crack us open. Sometimes it hurts like hell. It’s nature’s way. Whether you let it happen or not, it’s going to happen, so surrender to the process. It’s how the light gets in. 
When your heart cracks open, a space is created for your soul to more fully enter. When your soul cracks open, a space is created for the grace of the Holy Spirit to enter. Let your trials, your sorrows, your pains, and your losses transform you into more and more of yourself. 
Stay open to the possibility that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, and your hurt happened for you, not to you. Bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open, because the world needs you open. Surrender to the alchemy of life.
△ Starseed Soul Inquiry: How can you let life crack you open? △⠀"

~Rebecca Campbell 

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