Drive Out To An Island?

Ah, what a thrill to drive out to an island. Yup! I did! I went out to Ministers Island just a short drive from Canada's Premier Seaside Resort (oldest and most famous, is what locals have been telling me). The island is only accessible for 5 hours each day during low tide. There's a gravel sand bar connecting the mainland to Ministers Island where it's been know to have 14 foot tides during high tide. These tides are fierce in Passamaquoddy Bay! Check the tide before you go, some of the highest in Canada. The island is actually famous for the Van Horne Estate and a wildlife refuge. The Covenhoven is the famous house with 50 rooms to it. There's remains of the gardening facility, bath house, stables, and barn. Quite impressive, tho!  During winter you can only hike into the island. I meant a lovely couple who told me to sign in and out on the trail log and gave me a few tips about what to do this time of year. Very grateful for that! The island was beautiful! Ah, I loved walking amongst the trees and breathing in the fresh air. There's so much to do in these parts, however, I found out that most things are closed for the off season (winter months)...Just making do with what I got! 

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