I LOVE THESE! Oh, I'm little too excited to share my stickers that have been created by myself with love from my affirmations! Yeah baby, sticker time! I love to decorate things with stickers. Some of my friends will admit that I have a little too much fun with them. They go perfect on a laptop, water bottle, a notebook, planner, binder, vehicle, boats, helmet, snowboard or skies! The possibilities are endless! Made of thick, durable weatherproof resistance vinyl, and dishwasher safe. High quality laminated finish too. Oh la la! 

Long story short, I created my affirmations to help myself to understand more about myself. To give myself present moment reminders that will allow me to give myself permission of love and deserving of love. Honestly, I will admit that I believed that I didn't matter to myself and spent many years battling depression. I didn't think that I matter to myself or anyone else around me either. I know that I have done some incredible things and had opportunities that most would never have dreamt of, yet something has been missing. I have been searching for ways to love myself even more. I have taken the wisdom that I have learnt from reading spiritual texts to doing yoga workshops and have incorporating in into something meaningful. My affirmations help me jump start my day with reminding myself what is important and to look inwards. Love is the key and the way! My intent is for these to help you or someone who you love or don't know to find the beauty within themselves and to let that shine! 

"When you seek love with all your heart, you shall find its echo in the universe." ~Rumi

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