It's All With The Chants...

Last night, I had an amazing experience. For a very long time, seeing a kirtan practice from  Krishna Das has been on my list, right up there with seeing Ram Dass talk. I guess you could say that I’ve been gravitating more towards these things for a very long time. Since, I didn’t grow up in the ‘60s where everyone in America was setting foot to go to India in search for enlightenment. From my years of self study and listing to the numerous KD and Ram Dass talks, I have learnt that the path is unique as yourself. There is no right way to do it. LOVE is the way, it all comes down to that. There’s many practices that I use, don’t get me wrong, I probably have scared my own family with the ‘blue hour’ meditation sits and what not cos they wouldn’t dare get out of bed that early to take the time to sit to be still with what is. Something with mediation has stuck with me many years ago, when I knew that I had to rewire my brain so I wouldn’t be lost in the crazy thought. Stillness speaks. Let it. There’s a real beauty of it. The kirtan was a powerful experience to sit in the auditorium of South Portland’s High School chanting away with others who held the heart space. Now, if you ask me what I was chanting, I could’t tell you a thing. The only thing I know is that I was chanting to the Monkey God with the Hanuman Chaleesa. There is real power when you put an mantra to music and it rewires your subconscious with giving your brain new neural pathway to use. Magic is found in music. So much so, that we tend to forget about it’s healing properties. All what I can say is that I left the performance with a gracious heart feeling all the self love that I could feel for myself. It’s all about creating a heart center for yourself and only you! Let your heart speak and guide you to be the light that you are meant to be for the world!

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