World Poverty

It saddens me that when it comes to humanity needs around the world, the US doesn't do as great as our neighbors across the pond (the UK) with helping those in need. Don't get me wrong, the US has done many wonderful thing around the world. I came across this passage in Marianne Williamson's The Law of Divine Compensation that really drove the issue home. It's nothing new to me, since my background from my college days at the
 University of Maine during my comparative political science classes we would discuss the concept. Honestly, this is nothing new. Just open your eyes to it. When you travel and seek out the world for yourself, away from all those corporative views and false teaching seeing things as they are, you start to develop compassion for all. We are all one. Not separate beings fighting for what is me, me, me, but what is right for all.

"Starving children in Africa are not poor because their consciousness is unaligned with love; they're poor because ours is. A billion people on earth live in "deep poverty"-that is, on less a dollar and twenty-five cents a day. A billion more live on less than two dollars a day. Yet this is not an "exception" to the rule that love casts out fears. Quite the opposite, it is a collective lovelessness on the part of the advanced nations of the world that allows us to accept the reality of deep poverty, thus deflecting a miraculous solution. When we collectively make love our bottom line-making humanitarian values rather than short-term economics the organizing principle of human civilization-then the situation will indeed miraculously change. According to economist Jeff Sachs, one hundred billion dollars (one-seventh of the annual military defense budge of the United States) could eradicate deep poverty within ten years. " ~Marianne Williamson

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