Looking Is Very Narrow...

"Because we are so limited, it is difficult for us to understand who we are and what happens to us. No human can ever see anything fully. All we see are aspect of things. Being human is like being in a room of almost total darkness. The walls are deep and impenetrable, but there are crevices which let in the outside light. Each time you look out, all you see is a single angel or aspect of something. From within this continual dark, you are unable to control or direct the things outside this room. You utterly dependent on them to offer you different views of themselves. All you ever see are dimensions. This is why it is so difficult to be certain about anything. As the New Testament says, "Now we see in a glass darkly, then we shall see face to face."

Most of the time we are so rushed in our daily routine that we are not even aware of how limited our seeing actually is. In this century, Cubist painters attempted to pain what an object might look like if it were seen simultaneously from all perspectives. Picasso and Kandinsky often take simple objects like guitars or animals and portray them in a fascinating multiplicity of different visions. If you could only step back from your life and view it from different angels, you would gain a while different sense of yourself." ~ John O'Donohue

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