Down Memory Lane...

Recently, I've been going threw the mass amount of photos that I have stored on my external hard drive. That's right, I got heaps and heaps to go threw, not kidding on that one bit.  Weeding out the good from the bad these days, so to speak.  I couldn't help but found myself crying at times and at others laughing like crazy on my travel adventures, oh don't I have them.  I have forgotten about some until I looked at an old photo to spark the memories, whether it was that Christmas holiday in Australia or Vietnam, those numerous outings in Shimane-ken, walking on the Great Wall, setting up for a beach barbeque in Baja, watching whales in Alaska, sailing across the Equator experiencing winter & summer all in one day and to go "templing "in Angkor Watt just to name a few.  Here's just a few photos out of the many I have.

Siting in front of a Hindi temple in Vietnam late one afternoon.

Watching a beautiful sunset in Tiananmen Square.
"Templing" in Angkor Thom and exploring the many ruins of the Khmer Empire.

Praying at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.

Hanami at Mastsue-jo. Yes, I lived in Matsue, Japan and the city is famous for a castle.
Mythical creatures at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.
I don't recall how this last photo rally got into a "Lonely Planet" guidebook...

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