Totem Park
Sitka, the fourth largest city in Alaska was once known as the Russian America capital located on Baranof Island.  Back in 1804 the city was renamed New Archangel & in 1867 Sitka was the location for the transfer of Alaska from Russia for the United States ownership. The Tlingit Indians once inhabited the charming seaside city where the name Sitka comes from Shee Atika, the native name for the city.  A walk in the city is always charming with local artisans galleries with the “Alaskan Bear Stamp of Approval” to let consumers know that items are original to Alaska. The city has a Russian Orthodox Church in the heart of it. Numerous docks with fishing & private boats grace the shore with snow capped mountains as the backdrop for a spring days.  About a fifteen minute walk from the National Geographic Sea Bird dock is the charming Totem Pole Park. It’s one of my favorite places to explore while in port.  I quite enjoy the walk around the national park admiring the totems with their rich history of the Tlingit culture.  Images such as frogs, bears, orcas, native people & birds grace the poles.  I always see something new when I walk around the park located in the Tongass National Forest with beautiful Sika spruce trees & kelp beds that grace the coast line.  The smell of the fresh raw ocean is always a reminder of home to me.

One of the many boat docks

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