Celebrating a Birth

Some of the best news of the day is that hearing that a friend of mine has given birth to a girl half a world away. Yes, I’m an Aunt once again to close friends of mine kids whom I haven’t meant half a world away. They live in New Zealand and I’m in Maine as I write this. The power of a true friendship is something that is rare and also important. When I heard the news that my friend finally gave birth to girl, she has two other boys already, I began to receive a lot of messages from Sprit to pass along all in excitement of joy. I still can recall a day in Mexico, somewhere the exact ETA is unknown about 6 years ago when I was checking my email when I was on break when I was working as a Steward for Lindblad Expeditions, this friend of mine told me that she had a bun in the oven and I was going to be an aunt. Oh my, I was trilled with excitement. I was very excited jumping with joy with being practically the only one in the dinning room of the Sea Bird besides the senior stew and the hotel manager. Moments like this and what I just felt on a rainy evening in Maine have brought so much joy. A joy that is unnameable, a joy that wants to dance with you, one to embrace in the celebration of others happy news as if it was your own. Of course, I’m glowing with happiness and tears of joy are running down my face. I just sent my friend a deck of my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck as a reminder for her to take care of herself on top of the two boys and a husband and soon to be girl a little over a month ago. I do hope that my niece will pick up the love of rugby like her father has for the All Blacks. There’s something powerful when you hear the news of a birth of loved ones child. I’m so much in love with this new born that I haven’t meant yet, but somehow I’m picking up that I do know her in Spirit. Beautiful things happen when you start to tune inwards and listen to the sound of silence. 

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