The Power of Gratitude

Some of the most powerful words that you can say are simply "Thank You". Over the years, I have learnt the power of those words. It hasn't been an easy journey you could say to actually acknowledging the honoring and surrender to the words. I recall be filled with so much self anger when I came back from living in Japan. I was going threw a "dark knight of the soul" at that time, a time for me to start to really awaken on the path that I was meant to walk along. I recall my aunt, taking a notion into reaching out to me by leaning me her copy of the O Magazine for me to read. In it I recall learning about making a gratitude journal. Little did, I know that was one of my saving graces to help me to transform my inner anger. For years now, I keep a gratitude journal, journaling down the things that I was thankful from the day. It has more or less been a daily ritual for me to take part in. 
In addition to my gratitude journal, I have started something new this year. I decided to take a plain old ziplock bag and to write one thing on a piece of paper that I was grateful from the day. Some days it tend to be more than one. It could be hearing from a particular friend, making a friends day by remembering his birthday, by going on an interview, the sunshine, etc...the list is endless. I won't actually read them until New Year's Eve where I can really sit back and take a good hard look on the many blessings that I have encounter. The idea of the daily gratitude bag, actually came from reading on of my Irish friends (one whom I attended the retreat in Boghill last year with) Facebook shares. I don't recall if it was an article or what way back in January, but that is not the point, the point is that I got excited to see about a creative way to incorporate gratitude into a daily practice.  There's so much to be thankful for in this world. I've noticed by shifting the story that I tell myself, my world changes for the better. So much beauty is out there. By remembering one moment of gratitude is a life changing event. Breath and honor the divine in yourself and take the moment before it is lost to be thankful! 

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