Inner Wisdom

You can read all the books you want to gain more insights, but one thing is certain is to TRUST your INNER WISDOM! The Inner Wisdom card is from my Soulful Seer-Dharma Deck. The deck was inspired from my own journey or adventure you might say to a meditation center for a silent retreat. One thing that kept me going threw out the deep journey inward was to listen to my "inner wisdom". Oh yes, what a powerful message when I drew the "inner wisdom" card. You can listen to everyone else tell you how to live your life with what decisions that want you to make or you can simply turn off the noise of others and follow your inner compass! Yes, you have your own inner inner GPS unit in place, your Higher Self is a great tool to be using. Wondering how to get there, oh yes simply take the time to embrace the silence and listen to what your hearing! Beautiful things start to shift when you honor your inner wisdom! My cards are available for purchase 🛍👉 

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