We are Energy!

Enjoying Goose Rocks Being Soaking Up Being in Nature
We are all energy beings! Have you ever wonder why you get dragged down after going into a dark lit subway station or being around a group of people that loves to complain under the sun? OR feel uplifted after you volunteer on a beautiful photography wildlife conservation project in South Africa or participating in a group mediation. The energy of the people around us, has an effect on us, either if we are conscious of it or not. I do know from personal experience that it can be rather draining and being an empath can take a toll on your well being, but it is also a gift within itself. Our words have great power and the more positive words we use the more we can manifest our needs and desires much quicker. Please start to bring awareness of your thoughts and words.If bad or dark ones come up just say "cancel clear delete" to yourself. Sometimes we may take on the energy of others with their own thoughts and having their beliefs becoming ours without being aware of them. This can be draining, oh yes it can.  I do know this and when those feelings of fatigue set in taking over your health it's rather a wake up call to say, go inside and work on yourself. 

Recently, I listed to a talk by Dr Judith Orloff on Sound True's Weekly Wisdom Judith Orloff: How To Thrive as an Empath. I learned some great things in the talk with the importance of taking care of yourself. I highly recommend listing to the talk to gain insight for your own wellbeing and the well being of those whom you love. Tami Simon talks to Dr Orloff about exploring the lives of empaths, with great emphasis on what it means to be an empath, how to approach the world as an empath, the power of Indigo Children and the rest of the world has a lot to gain from these particularly sensitive beings. I love hearing from a fellow empath who has helpful practices for empaths who often times feel overwhelmed by the world and the many demands of others. This talk holds great insights. Also, I highly recommend reading Dr Judith Orloff's Book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life. 

Honestly, we need to educate the public and especially in the schools both public and private the importance of mindfulness, the power of love, making good choices and being center. I wish that I didn't have to really learn about this in my 30's with finally coming to terms with my gifts and to making healthy choices for myself. I do know that it can be a challenge to really step into the person whom you have meant to be. It's all about being true to yourself and letting your true self shine. Letting go of the past, surrendering to the moment, being out in Nature, be the light, spread love, embracing the NOW, making good choices for yourself, play, and allowing spirit to work you is the real beauty and peace in creating the life of your dreams. 

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