When the Body Says No!

It all starts in Kindergarten as the famous saying goes. We are still hanging onto our childlike self around 5 year old brain of our consciousness beliefs. Our social and physical environment is a result of our stress and the relationship to the stress to cause us emotional pain. We are never really taught how to deal with emotions, like feeling them and acknowledging how we truly feel, but are taught to brush it off and to suppress them, causing ourselves great emotional pain. It's how we as young children cope with stress equals the future for our coping skills. Our developmental problem is created by our own coping mechanics. There's a growing number of di-seases like depression and ADHD growing in our society due to the lack of dealing with our stress early on. We must tune in and listen to our bodies on what they are actually telling us. I quite enjoyed listing to  Sounds True-Dr Gabor Mate Podcast. There's valuable information on the podcast that is really worth your time to listen to and to dive deep into. We must free ourselves from the emotional pain that we have held onto for way too long. It's time as adults to reclaim the control over our emotions and to let the flow freely without suppression. It's all about reprogramming our brains with positive loving thought. 
I definitely enjoyed reading "When the Body Says No" by Dr Mate. It was an eye opener for sure. The power lies in the present moment. It's all about being here now! 

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