Chalk Fest

I found myself volunteering for the First Chalk Festival in Kennebunkport! It was wonderful to see a community based arts festival going on in town. I also realized that it was World Photography Day (August 19th)! What better way to celebrate it with my camera in hand, interacting with my childlike self playing with chalk, chatting with people, helping kids and of course having fun embracing the moment. There's a lot of cool things happening right in front of Bandaloop. Nice to see the many talented artist embracing their love for their art. Moment of joy in the moment was found by embracing the Now! Love seeing the early stages of a lobster being created too! 

Who ever wrote this in the ships wheel is brilliant! I got upset the other day when I was out and about doing errands and noticed that Halloween pet costumes and fall/autumn items were in the stores. What, have we forgotten about to embrace the moment, since we are living in a material world? Apparently, so. What has happen to allow nature to take its course, living in the moment, embracing the now, connect to our childlike self, and being peaceful. I'm realizing that everyone of us has a choice in the moment to bring about the next. Once we shift the focus inward and honor ourselves first our world changes. Be the light, be the change, and continue to inspire others!

Have you connected to your inner child lately? Chalk is great, a simple too that you can do so much. Play, have you forgotten to do that as an adult? Get out there and play. Let go of the shell that you have placed on you to protect yourself from others. Learn to stand and own your power! Let it go, have fun and please start to learn the art of play!

L for LOBSTER! There's so much LOVE that went into these! It even shows! Beautiful vibrant radiant colors of chalk! 

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