Heal Yourself With Nature

In God's country...a slice of heaven! Magical if you ask me. There is something raw, rich, vibrant, pure bliss up in Rangeley! An energy that I haven't felt since Southeast Alaska and Sedona to be honest! There are places of incredible vortexes of natural energy on Earth. We must protect these energy grids. Nature holds so much for us, we can heal ourselves with it, if we choose to free ourselves from our pain of our own egos and to let the natural laws do those own work without resistance! Yes, nature hold so much for us, for our own healing and growth. Growth not for just ourselves, but for the entire planet too. Energy grids are incredible! Breathing in the crisp mutton airs, soaking up the wisdom of the mountains, delicious! I definitely felt an incredible love light energy working threw my chakra system! Let the healing begin. "Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart, you just gotta poke around" ~Grateful Dead

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