True Peace

Good morning! Here I'm in the yard near a tree wearing Honey Tribe Jewerly that I just love! Beautiful healing pieces created by my friend Pam! I'm holding one of my newly framed affirmation prints! "Peace Comes From Within" is from Soulful Seer-Dharma Deck! The truth to this set came to me after a 10 day, Vipassana Meditation Course. I attended the center in Shelburne, Massachusetts out in the foothills of the Berkshires! During my time there, 9 1/2 days were spent in total silence. It game me an opportunity to turn inward to reclaim my power back for myself! Yes, true Peace comes first from the inside. Allow yourself to let go of your thoughts and everyone else's and to listen to your own wisdom! It is only when we can be truly of service first to ourselves we can be service to others. Remember, that true peace comes from within yourself! The actual print is prayer flags, I notice there is a bit of a reflection from the a light in the yard. The Tibetan Prayer Flags, represent peace, love, compassion, strength and wisdom! For more information hop on over to my website at: 

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