Blessing Affirmation Cards

Last week when I was having dinner with several friends at the local Thai restaurant, I decided to bring a surprise for them all. I decided, well more like spirit was guiding me, to bring along a deck of my Soulful Seer-Soulful Cards. As I waited my turn patiently as my other friends were giving their updates with sharing their news about the good stuff that has happened over the summer, I decided to pray over my cards hoping that they would go to the right person. When it became my turn, I decided to start by telling my friends that I was getting ready to do my first Enlightenment Expo up in Portland, since I was going to debut my cards there. I ask them to choose a card for theirs to keep and then share it with everyone after the groups check ins. I felt a sense of great joy as I did it. With the remaining cards, I did have to send them out, the old fashion way, the 'owl post'. First, I took care of all of my friends that were not able to attend dinner and sent them a card within a card that I picked. Next, I began to write out cards to many friends across the country with a card and a message that sprit had guided me to give. Again, I felt an incredible presence of  joy over me when I did this. From time to time, I love to surprise my friends around the world with love notes. I send encouraging notes and when my friends respond to tell me how much they love them letting me know that my card meant something to them, it's beyond words with the experience. I find that by 'sending a letter to a friend' is a great way to connect at a much deeper way. There's a great power from within when you can connect your high heart with a love one. Delicious magic starts to happen. I bet that you can too can inspire a friend with a love note too!

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