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Day two of The Enlightenment Expo(Sunday, September 17, 2017), at The Fireside Inn, Portland ME! My messages today are "Drama Free" and "Be The Light"! We are going threw many changes here on Mother Earth! Please stop the Drama inside of yourself to BE THE LIGHT, for others to see and bring about the change from within! We must start to take responsibility for OUR OWN ACTIONS and HEAL OURSELVES FIRST to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! I'm looking forward to another great day here! I still have my Affirmation Prints, Soulful Seer Cards, note cards, prints and coasters! If you didn't make it, but would love some items, please visit my Etsy shop at:

Grateful to have spent an amazing weekend up at The Enlightenment Export in Portland, ME! A huge thank you to all whom came out and all whom I meant! It's been a lot of fun! Many blessings 

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