Sunflowers and Happiness

Sunflowers just bring me happiness! They remind me to look inside of myself to seek it! They remind me to keep the faith and to seek within for the answers! I just loved reading this, 
"Don't Give Up on Happiness Happiness will always bring out the best in you. You were born to be happy. Happiness is natural. It suits you completely. You look good and you feel good when you let happiness ooze from within you. Your step is light, your mind is free, and your spirit soars when you let happiness happen. The whole world responds well to you. When you're truly happy, you're radiant and you function fully. Above all, you are loving, for the essence of happiness is love. You're also naturally kind, generous, open, warm, and friendly. This is because where there's true happiness, there is no fear, no doubt, and no anxiety. You're unrestrained and uninhibited. You are fully present, here and now, and not lost in some past or future. When you're truly happy, you're on point and on purpose. You're also very real. It is, after all, impossible to be happy and play small, to be happy and hide, to be happy and inauthentic, to be happy and defensive. Indeed, the real reason why happiness feels so good is that when you're truly happy, you are being your Self—your unconditioned, original Self. Like a fragrance to a flower, true happiness is an expression of your unconditioned Self—the real You. True happiness is also very attractive in that it literally attracts great things. Happiness, by its very nature, encourages trust, spontaneity, optimism, and enthusiasm—all of which bring great gifts. In particular, when you dare to be happy, you find that people instinctively gravitate to you and like you, although they may not know why. Maybe it's something to do with your smile. Whatever it is, your happiness is an inspiration and a gift to everyone. Everyone benefits from true happiness . . . everyone benefits from your happiness. Not surprisingly, then, happiness is very important to us. It is, along with love, the goal of life. Everybody wants to be happy. Can you think of anyone in your life who would genuinely refuse an offer of true happiness? No! The question is, then, if happiness is the common goal, why is happiness so uncommon in our world? Hands raised—who knows more than three genuinely happy people? When I ask this question in a room full of a thousand people, I see only about five or six hands go up." ~Robert Holden PHD

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