The Enlightenment Expo

Hanging out at The Enlightenment Expo Saturday and Sunday (September 16-17, 2017) up in Portland, ME! I'm here with my Affirmation Print and Soulful Seer-Soul Deck, and my prints and cards! Lots of great insights with talks, crystals, jewelry, flower essences, readings and more! 

I just did my first live radio interview on United Pagan Radio with Chris Ann! My interview might not be on when you try to listen, since it's live with no replay, but the fact that I had the courage to speak about my Soulful Seer Cards is a blessing to me. Excited be at my very first The Enlightenment Expo up in Portland, ME! I found out the Elemental Energies with Chris Ann & Jeff is down in Wells near the highway and by Route 9 &109, I need to check out the shop in my travels. The more you get intune, you begin to see that there are many more resources available that you didn't see once before. 

If you couldn't make it, but wanted to see what I offer, please head on over to my Etsy shop at:

Be well! 

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