Frame Affirmation Prints

This was a small accomplishment, when you see your prints framed! I laid these out on the bed to see how wonderful they look in a groping! They do look stellar if you ask me! My hope from creating these are to help others to find a small ripple of hope to inspire them that there's more to life than what your habitual mind is telling you! It's all about moments on the journey of our lives, we have the power to write our own scripts not what society or our family wants us to do. We can break free from the "thought machine" as Krishna Das @krishnadasmusic said in this amazing podcast  Krishna Das Seeds of Praticie Podcast that I was listing to from @beherenownetwork! It's about freeing ourselves and living in the moment. We can create our own happiness, others can't make us happy. It's a daily practice! Remember to Be Here Now and to listen to the beauty of the stillness that comes! My prints have been created from my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck! To purchase head over to my Etsy Shop 💗🛍👉 

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