Start Trusting Yourself

It's time to start reclaiming your power back. That's right, it's time for you to shine and not for someone else to shine for you. Haven't you noticed that you are changing these days, just like the rest of the world? I do know that I am. I don't see things like I used to. Thanks to the practice of forgiveness and letting go. It's time to own who I am, not what my parents, family, society, friends or anyone else wants me to be, but for who I am really. It's time to stand in my power and shine like I was supposed to, shine like I just came into this world a mere 39 years ago, shine like my true self wants me to shine. Keep the faith and believe in ourselves and trust our own process as we walk our own path! 

"Who Knows Best?

Others do not know what's best for us.
We do not know what's best for others.
It is our job to determine what's best for ourselves. 
"I know what you need"..."I know what you should do." 
..."Now listen, this is what I think you should be working on right now."

These are audacious statements, beliefs that take us away from how we operate on a spiritual plane of life. Each of us is given the ability to be able to discern and detect our own path, on a daily basis. This is not always easy. We may have to struggle to reach that quiet, still place.

Giving advice, making decisions for others, mapping out their strategy, is not our job. Nor is it their job to direct us. Even if we have a clean contract with someone to help us-such as in a sponsorship relationship-we cannot trust that others always know what is best for us. We are responsible for listening to the information that comes to us. We are responsible for asking for guidance and direction. But it is our responsibility to sift and sort through information, and the listen to ourselves about what is best for us. Nobody can know that but ourselves.

A great gift we can give to others is to be able to trust in them-that they have their own source of guidance and wisdom, that they have the ability to discern what is best for them and the right to find that path by making mistakes and learning.
To trust ourselves to be able to discover-through that same imperfect process of struggle, trail, and error-is a great gift we can give ourselves.

Today, I will remember that we are each given the gift of being able to discover what is best for ourselves. God, Help me trust that gift."
~Melody Beattie

A meditation to help you to rewire your brain to receive all of the positive self love that you have for yourselves! There's great power with meditation. Start by making the healthy choice for yourself and take time to mediate daily, start with 5 minutes and work your way up. There's great power in stillness. From this place you can honor your true self and make healthy choices for you! 

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