Sacred Spaces

I collect a lot of unique things in my travels that remind me of oh the places that I've been. I just love this LOVE sign that I picked up at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the butterflies from Costa Rica, the Inclusion Quartz, a Ganesha statue, the Spirit Quartz, the air plant and not to forget the Himalayan Salt Lamp. More important I tend to find myself creating sacred spaces or alters in my room as a connection back to the love from seeing the world and the spirit world. It's more of a reconnection back to the elements of life. There's so many different ways that you can create one. I've seen with my own family that they enjoy using shells and plants. 

"In the fast pace of today's world there is a growing need to reconnect to the sacred elements of life. An altar can fulfill this need through being a powerful visible representation of the spiritual energy that surrounds and sustains us. It serves as a kind of a reminder of our connection to spiritual realms. Creating and using an altar can be an effective means of forgoing a connection to higher power. A home shrine can be a gateway between the seen and unseen realms which can connect us to the rhythms of nature and the universe. This can help infuse the most ordinary aspects of life with a divine sense of meaning. The physical form of an altar of life with a divine sense of meaning. The physical form of an altar reminds us of the importance of honoring the hallowed places within ourselves; it is also a focus for prayers to the spiritual forces that shape our lives." ~Denise Linn

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