The first time I hit a yoga mat, I couldn't tell you what just happened! It gave me a sense of comfort with all of my struggles that I was facing. You know the voice in your head that wants to scream out loud to the world "Do you really love me?", "Am I on my right path?", "It was ok that I got treated like that!", "Why am I still alive?",  "Am I happily forgotten?", "Am I remember with everyone whom I have touched?", "Am I forgotten with the work that I have done on projects that I care about?", "Do I deserve to create the life of my dreams?", etc...the ego loves to take a hold and sometimes gets the best of us. It's when we have a strong life's purpose does the ego scream louder and louder. We are faced with our own fears as we go deeper within ourselves to find out who we really are. We are not our struggles and conditions of our childhood.  Restorative yoga is magic if you ask me. It brings a great joy and peace from deep inside of me that is a longing to be felt. It's all about honoring our own self love. We must practice healing our inner child on a daily basis. It's all about being loving and kind in the present moment. Be Here Now!

"We Are Lovable

Even if the most important person in your world rejects you, you are still real, and you are still okay." ~Codependent No More 

Do you ever find yourself thinking: How could anyone possibly love me? For many of us, this is a deeply ingrained belief that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thinking we are unlovable can sabotage our relationships with co-workers, friends, family members, and other loved ones. This belief can cause us to choose, or stay in, relationships that are less than we deserve because we don't believe we deserve better. We may become desperate and cling as if a particular person was our last chance at love. We may become defensive and push people away. We may withdraw of constant overreact.

While growing up, many of us did not receive the unconditional love we deserved. Many of us were abandoned or neglected by important people in our life. We may have concluded that the reason we weren't loved was because we we were unlovable. Blaming ourselves is an understandable reaction, but an inappropriate one. If others couldn't love us, or love us in ways that worked, that's not our fault. In recovery, we're learning to separate ourselves from the behavior of others. And we're learning to take responsibility for our healing, regardless f the people around us.

Just as we may have believed, that we're unlovable, we can become skilled at practicing the belief that we are lovable. This new belief will improve the quality of our relationships. It will improve our most important relationship: our relationship with our self. We will be able to let others love us and become open to the love and friendship we deserve."

Today, God, help me be aware of and release any self-defeating beliefs I have about being unlovable, Help me begin, today, to tell myself that I am lovable. Help me practice this belief until it gets into my core and manifests itself in my relationships. "
~Melody Beattie

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