Childlike Self

As adults we tend to forget to connect with our childlike self. Once he hit adolescents it's all over for us, we tend to grow up too quickly and loose our connection with the creator. We tend to find ourselves trying to fit into a world that is ruled by logic rather than instinct. We forget what it is like to create and play make believe or even talk to imaginary friends who may also be fairies and angels helping us along the way. We create a world with giving into the expectations of others and forget who we truly are. We don't use good discernment at all when face decisions. Listen to your heart and your calling, fall back in love with yourself, let go of the past, be creative and have fun! Your life is not a dress rehearsal, get out there and enjoy it. It's all about being creative. Less is more! Step into your life's calling and create the you that you are without all of those layers holding you tight! 

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