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This year, it really has been focusing all about me. Yes, to go deeper into my own wisdom and to let go of the past. It's not an easy road to take, but sometimes with the situations that bite you in the arse, it makes you do a wake up call into whom you really are and not. It's very important for a creative to take good care of themselves. I had to remind myself about that. I was grateful that my mother actually told me that was my purpose back in January and not to forget several trusted friends as well. There's something going on with the New Moon energies that are in Aries and other planterian shifts that are fostering a deeper self love and growth respect. 

Yoga has helped a lot to get back to myself. I remember during a vibrational workshop back in February, my friend Melissa Boyd, recommended the book "The Language of Letting Go-Daily Meditations and Codependency" by Melody Beattie. The book sat with me for a while before I ordered it from Amazon. There's something about learning the art of letting go and not giving a fuck that is my daily practice these days. The book is wonderful. It's helping me to see the light. 

Each morning before I sit in silence meditation, I read a passage to jump start my day. They tend to speak to me on the core issues that my inner self wants me to know! 

Today's passage was the following:

Experiment March 30

Experiment. Try something new. Try stepping out.

We have been held back too long. We have held ourselves back too long.

As children, many of us were deprived of the right to experiment. Many of us are depriving ourselves of the right to experiment and learn as adults. 

Now is the time to experiment. It is an important part of recovery. Let yourself try things. Let yourself try something new. Yes, you will make mistakes. But from those mistakes, you can learn what your values are.

Some things we just won't like. That's good. Then we'll know a little more about who we are and what we don't like. 

Some things we will like. They will work with our values. They will work with who we are, and we will discover something important and life enriching.

There is a quiet time in recovery, a time to stand still and heal, a time to give ourselves a cooling-off time. This is a time of introspection and healing. It is an important time. We deal with  our issues.

There also comes a time when it is equally important to experiment, to begin to "test the water."

Recovery does not equal abstention from life. Recovery means learning to live and learning to live fully. Recovery means exploration, investigation, experimentation.

Recovery means being done with the rigid, shame-based rules from the past, and formulating healthy values based on self-love, love for others, and living in harmony with the world. 

Experiment. Try something new. Maybe you won't like it. Maybe you'll make a mistake. But maybe you will like it, and maybe you'll discover something you love.

Today, I give myself permission to experiment in life. I will stop rigidly holding myself back, and I will jump in when jumping in feels right. God, help me let go of my need to deprive myself of being alive. 

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