Honoring Self Care

Silence in the morning? What better time to take care of our own self care! Sometimes we refuse to take care of our own needs by letting circumstances of the past and early childhood beliefs of I am not good and I don't deserve it to take over. Chances are we are probably buying into someone else's believes and not our own. Take the time to develop a meditation practice to release old, negative patterns and addictions, your purpose is to love yourself first! Read some inspirational books that will help on the journey, play with crystals to help you to dive deep into the karmic issues of the past that you just keep carrying around in the depths of your soul for no reason. Oh, yes get reminded by an affirmation card that you are worthy to be Here and to receive all good things since there's more than enough to go around to all. The "I AM" card shows up to remind me that "I AM" capable of creating a higher vibrational life for myself. Love my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck that I created! Raise those vibrations, dive into the silence. Be Here Now, Be The Love, Be The Light! 

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