You Are Understood

I was very excited to get my Indigo Angel Oracle Cards in the mail! Very excite to get these. For being an Indigo I often have question a lot of things, but I've found out over the years that I've been doing it from a place of negativity. It's not that I didn't accept my Indigo gifts, I did, but I kept on accepting others opinions and such. I've somehow neglected my own needs and my own self love. It took me many years to work on my own issues and to have the courage to do so. I was happy to see that there are many tools out there for people like myself. I was grateful to buy this deck to help myself on my own path to take the positive right actions to create the beautiful life of my hearts desire. Funny, I drew the "You Are Understood" card. It was nice to get a reassuring message that I am understood by the Angles and other high light beings that I do belong here! A wonderful reminder indeed that I needed to hear. 

It took a lot of years for me to have the courage to work with 
my own energy and to learn how to protect myself from others. It is definitely challenging working with people who do drain you dry. Some have no clue that they are doing it and others find pleasure in doing so. Often times we do cary around energies that are not ours and tend to forget about what is actually our own suffering and what is the suffering of others. I've been working very hard with protecting myself. There's a few of them out there. Also, I have leaned how to chant the seed sounds of each chakra to move the energy around. Protection with white bright light is amazing. 

I just love these tips that I got an a newsletter from Doreen Virtue:
  1. Shield yourself. Like taking an umbrella into a rainstorm, shielding yourself doesn’t mean that you’re afraid of the energy. It means that you have practical common sense to take care of yourself. Even when you find yourself in the midst of a harsh energy situation, it’s never too late to shield yourself. Ask God to put a protective bubble of light around you; or envision Archangel Michael handing you his shield; or imagine that there is a filter around you that only allows loving energy to go to you and from you. There are countless ways to shield yourself, and it’s the intention that counts.
  2. Praying to clear your energy. When you wake up, and before falling asleep, spend a few minutes praying for God and Holy Spirit to clear any negativity from your body and mind. This is a super-powerful way to start and end your day with a clean slate, and you can feel the debris of unwanted energy leaving you.
  3. Fill yourself up with the awareness of divine light. The irony is that when you least feel like taking good care of yourself, is when you most need to. Fortunately, there are measures you can take without having to expend a lot of energy: for example, listening to a positive meditation can help to lift you up; stepping outside if the weather permits; praying for help or reading a positive book; or calling a good friend or a counselor for support.
Healing Yourself From Negativity Meditation

Also, my friend Shannon, has some lovely tips as well:
How to cleanse your energy
3 simple steps
Every day you can use simple techniques to clear away any negativity from your energy.
1. Wash it all away in the shower, imagine the water is clearing and cleansing not only the physical body but also the mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, setting the intention that anything you no longer need is washing down the drain, leaving you refreshed, cleansed and re-energised. 
2. Imagine you are surrounded by an invisible force field of love and protection, no matter what happens this day, it won't get to you. Everything negative will just simply bounce off you
3. Try and ground yourself every day, feel your feet firmly on the Earth and be present in each moment. If possible walk around barefoot for awhile or even soak your feet in warm water in the evenings, epsom salts are great for helping to release toxins from the body. 

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