Unique Path

What a lovely reminder from my "Soulful Seer-Dharma Deck"That's right! The path is unique as you are! Quit the comparison mode that is on over drive! We all have our path to walk to foster and nitrite our own unique self to the world! We have gifts inside of us that the world needs. It takes a lot of tremendous inner strength to walk it and to honor the divine from within! It's all about walking the path with good intentions, trust, faith, love and using our discernment. Don't forget to ask from protection from your angels and guides to help you with the forces in all realms that you can not control. We must stand in our own power and shine bright! Take responsibility for your own actions and consciousnesses feeding your thoughts with positive love thoughts in each moment! "Being the best is great, you're the number one. Being unique is greater, you're the only one."~Anonymous 

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