Detoxing for Spring

Think detox! Hello spring, dive into your solar plexus issues! All that stuff that is trapped in your stomach area, know that you are balanced and unlimited with your infinite potential. Chant "RAM" the seed sound to help release all that no longer serves you! Let it all go! I just love this reminder, "Let fears slip away. Release any negative, limiting, or self-defeating beliefs buried in your subconscious too. These beliefs may be about life, love, or yourself. Beliefs create reality. Let go. From a deep within as your fears, resentments, and negative beliefs are stored, let them all go. Let the belief or feeling surface. Accept it; surrender to it. Feel the discomfort or unrest. Then let it go. Let new beliefs replace the old. Let peace and joy and love replace fear. Giving yourself and your body permission to let go of feats, resentments, and negative beliefs. Release that which is no longer useful. Trust that you are being healed and prepared for receiving what is good." ~Melody Beattie

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