Healing with Crystal Grids

Ah, it's so beautiful when you can connect with crystals. Most likely, I connect with them to enhance issues in my own life and to help with my creative process. Love them. What can I say, they tend to come to me. I can see them vibrate and buzz in my hand, especially when they are being called to me or for me to pass along to a dear friend for a gift. They are powerful healers from the Earth itself. So much goodness in them. You shouldn't be affair, but rather take a trip to experiment and play with them. Once you listen to the calls, there's no stopping. 

I've been guided lately to turn my crystal collection into grids to enhance the healing power of them. It's all about taking care of myself, to release the old and to enhance my own love for myself and let that pour outward to others and the world. We all need love. It's all bout raising our love vibration. We all just want to be loved. 

Just have fun with them. Use your own intuition and guidance in silence to find a place to put your crystals and grids. There's no wrong way, do what your guided to do. Have fun and decorate your alter or scared space!

This is my grid for healing the deep stuff from within. It's a very powerful one, because it's not just my own self love that I'm healing, but rather healing the self love for the entire planet Earth and beyond. Ocean Jasper, Jet, Smokey Quarts, Infinite, Labradorite Palo Santo, Sea Shells, a Bamboo Plant and a Salt Lamp makes up the grid.

Here, I got a couple of grids going on. The first one you see is a beach stone with Rose Quarts and various Quarts to enhance love. Love for yourself first so it can radiate outward. The one is the back is enchanted joyful creativity is the theme with Carnelian, Citrine, and Desert Rose Selenite.

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